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The Good Part

Music Video

The Good Part is a project I will forever hold close to my heart. This is a music video to the song The Good Part by AJR, but it also is a story of all the good times, memories, friends and family, and the growth through collage. It was almost a goodbye to the best part in life so far and a hello to not knowing what is to come.

From start to finish

Concept and style inspo
Storyboard Animatic
Walk Cycle

When starting to develop this project I knew I was taking on a lot of moving parts with wanting it as a mixed media style. I wanted to have my close friends be apart of it as well, so I asked them to make me into a character as part of this walk cycle!

Shout out to all my MOME friends who pulled off this really fun part of my project!

Stop Motion and Cell Animation

There are a lot of small details that might be missed by some people watching, but the friends who made this part of my life so special might recognise. The video starts and ends in the same place, the living room of our apartment, which held a lot of gatherings, laughs, cries, hellos and goodbyes. There are many videos from my own life capturing these memories, places, events, and moments that I never want to let go of. 

One other part that might not be noticed at first glance is how the entire duration of the video, we are continuously pulling back from the screen, giving a feel of passing through time and space.

Thank you.

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