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Explaining Yellow

Poem by Christi Steyn

This project challenged me in many ways, first, this is my first time doing frame by frame animation, second, the goal was to visualize this poem with images and type, but their was so much I had to fit into 30 seconds, and lastly, the frame by frame was done in photoshop and before this project I worked mainly in Illustrator. So between learning to use a program I don't typically use and a technique that is brand new to me, I'd say I'm happy with the outcome.

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop and After Effects

Check out my Process Below!


The First one

My original concept was to take inspiration from kinetic typography-based work and use that to explain the color yellow to someone who is colorblind. At first I thought it was a great idea, but then I realized the poem heavily relies on imagery. 

Kinetic Style Inspiration
Kinetic Style Story Boards


The Final One

My Final concept was to use frame by frame animation to create a hand drawn, sketchy, aesthetic, that was not one hundred percent type driven, but had text that complimented the imagery that was being described. To provide a visual to go along with the poem that is explaining the color yellow to someone who is colorblind.

Updated Frame by Frame Storyboards
Motion/Style References
Motion/Style Development

Final Thoughts: There is still improvement to be done, adding more detail into the drawings, smoothing up the easy ease and transitions, and just over all clean up.

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