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My Role

2023 Documentary Lead

As the Documentary Lead, my role was to guide my team in the making of our Documentary, as well as our PDF Process Book. I had to be in direct communication with all the team leads, producers, and directors to collect all of the work in progress and final renders of our deliverables. We also spent time gathering information from our teams  about the experience they had being on the branding team this year!

The process of documenting the process.

While the other teams were busy ideating, storyboarding, designing, and animating. The docu. team was busy finding inspiration, storyboarding, and writing a script for our video documentary and PDF book.


Later down the line we realized we were straying away from what we wanted, show don't tell, so we tried staying away from the script and just started compiling things that the teams had designed and all the steps they took from start to finish.


The PDF book also went through quite a lot of design choices before we landed on something that matched the branding for the event the best.

Artboard 2.png
Process book styleframes v42.jpg
Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 8.31.45 PM.png
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